Rank is the most important indicator of the Borrower’s solvency. The rank is calculated automatically and depends on the Borrower’s activity and accuracy. In other words, it depends on how often the Borrower uses the services of the platform and repays the loans in time.

In order to start using the service, you must have at least 10 ranking points. In order to receive them, you just have to confirm your Profile. To confirm your profile, you have to confirm your cell phone number and upload your ID along with the document showing your residence address.

The Borrower gets additional credit opportunities when her rank increases.

  • The first loan cannot exceed 0,50 BTC and can be granted for the term up to 30 days. Loan becomes available with the rank of 12,50 points. This rating can be dialed if undergo the procedure of personality verification .
  • The second loan becomes available with the rank of 16,50 points and cannot exceed 5,00 and cannot be longer than 45 days.
  • The third loan becomes available with the rank of 63,50 points and cannot exceed 10,00 BTC and cannot be longer than 90 days.

The “Instant loan” option is available if the rank is higher than 50 points.

Ranking accumulation example
  • Registration and Profile confirmation – 12,5 score
  • Ranking points accrued after the First loan repayment – 8 points, total rank is 20,5 points
  • Ranking points accrued after the Second loan repayment (loan amount – 5,00 BTC, term – 45 days) – 23 points, total rank is 43,5 points
  • Ranking points accrued after the Third loan repayment (loan amount – 10 BTC, term – 90 days) – 47 points, total rank is 90,5 points